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Be a superfood ambassador, be a part of the revival and ugrade your life.

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About Superfood Revival

We are a community of conscious, mission-based health ambassadors dedicated to improving people’s lives through mindful living, healthy eating and an ethical business platform. Our programs have helped thousands of people transform their health and life in ways they never thought possible.

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Upgrade your Health

Nutrient levels in food have decreased dramatically in the last 50 years. We also have higher stress levels, increased environmental pollution, more chemicals in our food and busier lives. Consuming nutrient-dense, organic superfoods every day is essential for those looking to achieve and maintain high-level health in today’s world; for themselves and their family. Upgrade your health with Superfood Revival.


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Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade your life and join our growing team of over 4000 Superfood Ambassadors. By simply sharing your amazing experience with organic, nutrient-dense, whole-food products and mindful living; you can upgrade your life both physically and financially. If you are passionate and comitted to changing the world through healthier living, education and cleaner eating, we want you on our team!


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Be Part of the Superfood Revival

Join our community of like-minded people who are committed to manifesting their highest potential in health, wealth and abundance. Through education, mindful living and an ethical business platform, we are devoted to improving the lives of people and their families. We are staunch advocates for a non-GMO, organic life that will ensure a healthy planet for future generations.


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Jacki’s personal challenge with Hyperhidrosis has been eliminated since doing the 10 Day program!

“We’ve been so inspired by Jacki’s story! She used to suffer from Hyperhidrosis and couldn’t wear certain clothes or even hug people freely without feeling self-conscious. Seven months ago, she did the 10-Day program and has been dry since the fourth day of her cleanse. Transformations aren’t just about weight loss…they’re about being healthy and treating your body right. Congrats, Jacki!”

Healthy Customer

Chris and his wife

Chris and his wife did the 10 Day Transformation together and both had great results!

“Done! We did it, but only because we did it together. [My wife] did awesome. She lost a total of 8 pounds and 5 1/8 inches! Her pictures really show a huge difference, much more than the numbers. I am very proud of her. And my results…down 14 pounds and 7 1/4 inches. The last couple days were tougher for me than the beginning. I really wanted to eat more food – perhaps due to my workouts. But we did it. I think getting lots of sleep is really important with this, and that is generally hard for us with our kids and work schedules. My pictures are less dramatic than my wife’s, but we are both really motivated to keep eating clean and continuing what we started.”


Kimberly is truly amazed at how much more natural energy she has throughout the day and is only on Day 4!

“I am truly blown away at how I am feeling on day four of the cleanse. This is my very first one ever and yesterday, day 3 I had to work 12 hours standing all day. So by the next day EVERY TIME I would be in bed after I drop my girls off to school and sleep from 10:00 till 2:00 because I was so tired from the day before. This went on for four months until today! I have energy and I am AMAZED at how good I feel. Not tired and have been on the go since I got up at 8:15 am.”


B.M. released 7.8lbs in just 3 days, and she’s still not finished yet!

“Holy cow! So I told myself that I would only post on the page on days that I saw a difference in my weight, well day 4 of the transformation has begun and I have lost another 2 pounds! That’s 7.8 pounds of toxins gone in just 3 full days! Can’t believe I was carrying so much gunk around in my body, loving this program and how it heals and nourishes from within!”


Rana fit back into her dresses again!

“Yay!! I can finally fit into my dresses again!!! And thank god I can fit into the dress I am wearing to the wedding (no not my wedding) lol. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when I feel comfortable in my body again. My whole energy changes. 10 days on the cleanse truly has transformed my life! ‪#‎grateful ‪#‎10daytransformation ‪#‎feelingsexy.”


Kim rocked her transformation!

“10 day cleanse…done! down 6 lbs, 1 inch from my stomach, 1/2 inch from my arm, 1/4 inch from my thigh, down 1.1% body fat, 1 pt from BMI. I am energetic, stronger in mind, and proud.”


Angie can see a whole new life of positive changes!

“Going strong at the end of day 7. Feeling light and energetic. Cravings down. Feeling like I can conquer anything. Best of all down 7 lbs in 6 days!”