About Superfood Revival

Health and Wellness: Ancient Wisdom. Modern Science. Nature’s Finest

Our Story

Superfood revival was born from a community of health warriors. We seek to support the health and wellness of ourselves and our families – and the planet.  We realized the profound effect that food has on our entire well-being. The quality of our food has declined radically over the last 100 years. Biotech & Corporate food companies’ bottom line is to feed us chemically-laden, artificially-fertilized, cheap food. It is produced so that it  increases their profits. They have ZERO interest in our health. For them, the bottom line is the bottom line.

This has led to lowered vitality, increased chronic disease. This has also led to generally-poor quality of health. in the general population

After 3 decades in the health and wellness space, the founders of Superfood Revival have seen first-hand the profound transformation that has happened in people’s health and wellness.  When they adopt a whole foods, organic, plant-powered lifestlyle their health improves. We have witnessed this in a clinical setting. We constantly get amazing success stories through our community.

Our Mission

We are a community of health and wellness seekers. We are superfood ambassadors who are committed to manifesting their highest potential in health, wealth and abundance. Through education, mindful living and an ethical business platform, we are devoted to improving the lives of people and their families. We are staunch advocates for a non-GMO, organic life that will ensure a healthy planet for future generations.



Leslie Milthorpe


Leslie is always active as a leader of teams.  She has a motivation for people to find what their mission in life is. With a science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, she’s proceeded from professional ski instructor to the music industry promotion to corporate recruitment, to being recognized as one of the top leaders worldwide with Xerox. From that extensive experience, Leslie has independently fundraised as a volunteer and finally back to her personal passion of offering health and wellness solutions. Superfood Revival is a personal passion. Leslie’s inspiration is found in building relationships based on discovering why people do what they do. Her experience taught her to find solutions that create lasting success for all parties. She is an example of knowing when to seize an opportunity and to be just ahead of the marketing curve.

Brett Hawes

Health Professional and Clinical Entrepreneur

Widely regarded as a forward-thinking and innovative holistic health practitioner, Brett has run his own private clinical practice for the past 13 years. Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Iridology have been cornerstones of his practice, but he is also trained in Clinical Detoxification, Ayurvedic medicine, Energy Medicine and Body Talk. Brett has been lead faculty at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition since 2007, where he has taught 1000’s of student practitioners. He continues this work through his online education platform, Holistic Health Masterclass. Brett has been interviewed by CTV, Global TV, the Calgary Herald and Toronto Observer; and has also done presentations for the National Women’s’ Show, the Toronto non-GMO Coalition and the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture among others. He is considered an expert in the field of natural medicine and holistic health and wellness.