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We’re a community focused on just one thing: making your life better. What do you want to be known for? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? How do you envision your future life? Do you dare to dream? Would you like to belong to a team of people implementing a better life who want to inspire others to do the same? We have a business model that is simple, can be duplicated and rewarding for both customer and business owner.  It is one that you can take from small time, to part time to full time, to big time, with unlimited potential to change lives. Living life as a product of our product, you can take your life to the next level with our super food solutions for weight loss, detox, performance, family health and rejuvenation.

Join the NEW social sharing economy

We live in a social sharing economy, and that means word of mouth marketing is more important than ever in people’s purchasing decisions, and more lucrative than ever. Look at the rise of Amazon who recently purchased Whole Foods, Uber, Airbnb, Etsy and Shopify. With our system, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We provide you with the very best of organic, non-gmo superfood solutions, that are media-driven in the world’s every increasing demand for quality and control over its health and well-being. Our e-commerce site, based on the Shopify, mobile platform makes it easy for consumers to purchase.

Additionally, you as a Superfood Ambassador, will have ownership of your customers for life. It works this way: you earn a significant percentage of every sale plus residual income from your team, lifestyle bonuses and profit sharing. This new evolution of network marketing allows just about anyone to get started in business for themselves with North America, the EU and the UK as your marketplace. Network marketing happens 24/7, even while you sleep, in a way that works in this crazy busy 21st century lifestyle we all lead these days, and without risking everything. A Superfood Ambassador is based upon the principle that everyone is a customer first. Through that experience, we create RAVING FANS who stay long term no matter where they may move across this planet.

Use our innovative gift card marketing system

As healthy network marketers, we have a mission that focuses on helping reverse the unhealthy food trends of the last few decades. We are showing people that fast food doesn’t have to mean zero nutrition and lots of calories. We invite people to experience what life could be with making our products a part of their lifestyle. We do that with gifting a code that reduces the cost of their first order greater than $75. By applying that $50 which comes from the code, they receive a 60day unconditional guarantee and lifestyle coaching. Additionally they receive an offer of up to a 25% discount on further purchases. This personalized code identifies you as the rightful owner of that customer’s sale now and in the future. We engage, educate and empower.

Anyone can be a Superfood Ambassador

We are superfood ambassadors, making money and making a difference. We are moms and dads who want the best for our families..  We are health, wellness, and fitness professionals who want the best for our clients. We are boomers who want to continue to earn and enjoy life. We are millennials who want multiple streams of income while consciousness raising for a sustainable future
Our group has a system to support your success. You just need to plug in and take action.

Have Questions about being a Superfood Ambassador?

How much will it cost me to be a Superfood Ambassador?

Your only start up fee is the enrollment pack you choose. There are different options that range from $49 to $499

Do I need to have a background in nutrition to be a Superfood Ambassador?

No, you can simply share your experience with members of your community. 

Does Superfood Revival offer training and support?

Yes, we have our own training platform, exclusive for our members. These include in-depth trainings on how to grow your business and learn more about our products and programs.

Do I have to sell?

This is an e-commerce site that sells products. Through our exclusive Superfood Revival training program, you will learn how to optimize the social sharing economy and make money making a difference.

How much can I expect to earn?

In the Fast Start guide there is a chart based on real life data. If you are starting out and this is a part-time business, you can expect to make between $500 and $1000 a month if you follow our system. The sky is the limit though, and we do have full-time and big-time members making much more!

Can I build my own social media sites?

Yes, you may. Please note there are certain policies and procedures around this. Please contact us for more information.

Is Superfood Revival friendly to the LGBTQ community?

Yes, we are fully open and encourage diversity in age, sex, education and experience.

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